Fantastic Shorts Book Cover - Vol 2


Are you a fan of the upside-down worlds of the Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, or Black Mirror? Then spend some time reading these twisty, turny stories that cross genres and blur the lines between reality and fantasy.

In Andreiana, it’s 1985 and the Soviet Union is about to make its move on the United States. Only a mysterious girl can stop them before its too late.

In Your Punching Privileges Have Been Revoked, an aging boxer is looking for a comeback and an old man seems to offer the key.

In A Letter to the Gubamint, aliens begin to invade Coconut Groves Mobile Home Park and it's up to one citizen to inform the government.

...and many more fun ways to spend a few minutes of your day.


The Piano Player
Lights Out: An MC Ruff and DJ Tumble Adventure
The Runner
Your Punching Privileges Have Been Revoked
Cold Heat
The Ignominy of the Devil
Spoil the Rod
El Frío
Hello, Nice to Destroy You
The Bubble Man
I Mustache You a Question
Home for a Fish
Our Modern Hope
My Little Girl
The Missing Poem
The Monster in the Door
The Witch of the Narrows
A Tomb in Every Tree
The Hypnotist
Swan Song
Rakugoka Sushi House – The Accusation
Rakugoka Sushi House – The Confession
Rakugoka Sushi House – The Denouement


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***Note*** These stories are in included in 52 Stories in 52 Weeks!